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A Year with Frog and Toad is a whimsical musical that shares the story of two best
friends: the cheerful Frog, and the rather grumpy Toad. Assorted hopping, crawling and
flying friends join them on their adventures throughout the seasons.

Music by Robert Reale

Book and Lyrics by Willie Reale

Based on the books by Arnold Lobel

Director: Lolly Johansen Sheppard

Choreographer:  Michael Marchak

Music Director: Martha Thatcher

Producers: Cori Goldberg, Eve Keller, Karin Klein

All actors must be fully vaccinated

or provide a doctor’s certification of a vaccination waiver.

Covid Policy


Auditions will be held on:

Monday, March 20 from 4:00 to 6:30pm
Tuesday, March 21 from 4:00 to 6:30pm

No appointment needed. Actors only need to attend one day of auditions.

CALLBACKS on Thursday, March 23 from 4:00-6:45pm
**You will be notified by email by Wednesday, March 22 if you will be needed for

All auditions, and any necessary callbacks, will be held at the 

Morgan-Wixson Theatre.

2627 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 


Street parking available.

Venice Family Clinic’s parking lot is available on weekends and on weekdays after 6 p.m. Do not park at our neighbors AAMCO/Viking Motors or SGI or you will be towed.


Prepare 32 bars (a verse and chorus) of an up-tempo song in the standard musical comedy style. Please do not sing pop songs, liturgical music, or country western.

Bring your own track accompaniment on a CD, Iphone, Ipad or the Android equivalents.

Be prepared to dance with comfortable clothes and dance shoes or sneakers.


The work of being in a production is dependent on the health of the actors. The actors cast will perform unmasked, but all rehearsals will be held in masks until the final two of weeks of rehearsal when masks will still be required when off stage but actors will be maskless on stage.  Prior to the final two weeks, actors will occasionally be asked to remove their masks in rehearsal only if properly distanced and only in order to work facial expressions and projection. Any portion of rehearsal that is held without a mask will not exceed 15 minutes.  The production will determine if testing is needed for the run of the show.


Weekends: May 20 through June 4, Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00 am 
School Shows: May 23 and May 25, Performance at 9:15am and 11:00am
School shows will require actors to miss their morning classes, but they can sometimes receive community service credit from their school. 

Please note that actors MUST be available for all performances, including any school show. This is non-negotiable!


A Read Thru will be held on Saturday, March 25.
Rehearsals will begin on Monday, March 27.

Rehearsals will be held Monday through Friday’s from 4:00 to 6:30pm as well as Saturday afternoons and Sunday early evening depending on cast and theatre schedules. 
Actors are not called for all rehearsals, only ones where they are being used for a scene. Typically, large cast rehearsals are held on Saturdays and/or Sundays. We will try to limit most actors to 4-5 rehearsals a week until we reach the last few weeks.

NOTE: There is not an official spring break off during the rehearsal period as schools have such different breaks. Actors will be needed most weeks but we will try and work around your schedule as much as possible and also work around youth workshop commitments. As always, we consider homework a priority.

  • A printed copy of your vaccination card to leave with us

  • A picture (school picture or snapshot is fine)

  • Resume or list of shows done

  • Your conflicts for the rehearsal period. All conflicts MUST be submitted prior to callbacks. Please check with your school choir/band/theatre director, your sports coach, or any other adult who schedules your time, about all conflicts PRIOR to auditioning. If additional conflicts arise after casting, it may result in an actor being replaced.


In reference to the character descriptions that follow, our casting seeks to be as inclusive as possible and we invite gender non-conforming, genderfluid, transgender and non-binary actors to submit for the roles they most identify with.

We will also list race/ethnicity when specific to the character but are otherwise seeking all races and ethnicities; we encourage Arab, Asian, Black, Caucasian, Latino, Native, and Multiracial actors to audition for all roles. In addition, we will list disability when specific to a character, but are otherwise seeking actors with disabilities as well as non-disabled actors for all roles. Please let us know if you have any questions, or if there are any accommodations we can provide.

We are actively committed to casting an inclusive show that reflects the community.

Frog: Gender open, 13-18 yrs, vocal range top: D5, bottom: B3
Friendly, caring and loyal. Always looking out for his friends. The calmer, more zen of both he and Toad. Simultaneously adventurous and assured. This leading role requires a strong actor and singer.


Toad: Gender open, 13-18 yrs, vocal range top: D5, bottom: Bb3
Irritable, stubborn, timid, self-conscious yet oddly charismatic. A hard worker, but impatient for results. A good friend to Frog. This leading role requires a strong actor and singer. 


Turtle: Gender open, 11-18 yrs, vocal range top: C5, bottom: B3
Turtle is a "rabble-rouser" and loves to get the whole gang to tease Toad in fun! This actor should be a strong singer and a great comedian.


Mouse: Gender open, 11-18 yrs, vocal range top: C5, bottom: B3
Full of fun and always able to ask all the right questions.


Lizard: Gender open, 11-18 yrs, vocal range top: C5, bottom: B3
Lizard is the last and most confused of the Turtle, Mouse, Lizard trio, but eventually joins in the fun. 


Snail: Gender open, 11-18 yrs, vocal range top: D5, bottom: C4
Comedic actor that can deliver song with personality, confidence and musical accuracy. 


Birds: Gender open, 8-18 yrs, vocal range top: D5, bottom: B3

The Birds communicate the passage of time and seasons, setting the backdrop of the show. Strong movers.


Moles: Gender open, 8-18 yrs, vocal range top: D5, bottom: Bb3
Strong singer actors.


Squirrels: Gender open, 8-18 yrs, vocal range top: C5, bottom: Bb3
Full of mischief. Strong movers. Tricks (splits, cartwheels, handstands, ect) a plus. 

Non-Equity, there is no pay.
Questions? Contact producer 
Eve Keller at

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