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Amy Dellagiarino

NO LOITERING by Amy Dellagiarino

A comedy about everything not funny about the current American workplace. It's past midnight and disillusioned Blair and August meet outside their place of employment, a retail store called Yarns of Yarn, with the intention of destroying it. Little do they know, they aren't the only employees who plan on showing up tonight with malicious intent. A comedy about identity, expectations, and sweaters.  On behalf of frustrated artists and disillusioned college grads, this play asks can you stick it to 'The Man' and find yourself at the same time? And, are we living a modern day version of The Crucible?

Amy Dellagiarino

Amy Dellagiarino is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter whose work has been produced across the country. She was the recipient of the Playwriting Award at the 2021 Austin Film Festival for her play "From the Perspective of a Canoe". Her play "The Value of Moscow” is published through Stage Rights and her short play "The Most Precious Thing" is published through Smith & Kraus. She is a proud recipient of the Reframe Stamp for gender balanced media with her comedy feature film “Freelancers Anonymous”, and was a 2021 participant of the Kennedy Center Playwrights Intensive. She earned her BFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

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