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One of Agatha Christie’s darkest tales and a masterpiece of dramatic construction, this infamous mystery brings ten strangers together under a growing sense of dread and unfaltering tension.

A deeply suspenseful thriller that will keep you guessing to the very end.


Auditions & callbacks will be held on both:
Sunday, March 10 from 5:00pm – 10:00pm
Monday, March 11, from 8:00pm – 11:00pm


Additional callbacks will be held on Thursday, March 14 from 8:00pm – 11:00pm, as needed.
You will be informed by email if you are required for callbacks.

You be asked to read from the script. Sides will be provided.


Advance appointments are not necessary. Actors only need to attend one day of auditions.


All auditions, and any necessary callbacks, will be held at the Morgan-Wixson Theatre.


Street parking available.

Venice Family Clinic’s parking lot is available on weekends and on weekdays after 6 p.m. Do not park at our neighbors AAMCO/Viking Motors or SGI or you will be towed.

Read The Sides


Please prepare two contrasting songs (16-32 bars each) from standard musical theater repertoire. Do not sing a pop/rock song. You may only be asked to sing one song, so do the “best one” first.  An accompanist will be provided; bring sheet music in the key you will be singing.

You may bring pre-recorded accompaniment on CD or iPhone/Android equivalent although we would prefer that you sing with the accompanist. Be prepared to dance at the initial audition.  


May 04 - May 26


Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00pm, and Sunday afternoons (matinees) at 2:00pm.
Please note that actors MUST be available for all performances. This is non-negotiable!


Rehearsals begin Saturday, March 16th and are held

Monday through Thursday evenings from 7:00pm to 10:00pm,

Saturdays from 1:00pm to 6:00pm and

Sundays from 6:00pm to 10:00pm.


Actors are not called for all rehearsals, only rehearsals where they are being used for a scene.


Picture, resume and list of all conflicts for the rehearsal period.

All conflicts must be submitted prior to callbacks.

If additional conflicts arise after casting, it may result in an actor being replaced.


 In reference to the character descriptions that follow—most characters we encounter currently are on the binary and are written with he/him or she/her pronouns and you will see that in the following descriptions. But however limiting the descriptions are, our casting seeks to be as inclusive as possible and we invite gender non-conforming, gender fluid, transgender and non-binary actors to submit for the roles they most identify with.

We will also list race/ethnicity when specific to the character but are otherwise seeking all races and ethnicities. In addition, we will list disability when specific to a character, but are otherwise seeking actors with disabilities as well as non-disabled actors for all roles. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or if there are any accommodations we can provide.

We are actively committed to casting an inclusive show that reflects the community.

All characters speak with British accents, mostly upper-class unless specified otherwise.

Sir Lawrence Wargrave

Male, 45-65

Wargrave is a highly intelligent man with a commanding personality. Wargrave’s experience and air of authority make him a natural leader for the group. A strong sense of justice.


Male, 35-55

The dignified butler. Rogers continues to be a proper servant even after his wife is found dead and the bodies begin piling up.

Mrs. Rogers

Female, 30-50

Rogers’s wife. Ethel is a frail woman, she is frantic and anxious. She is married to Thomas.

Fred Narracott

Male, 30-50

Caretaker of the island. Dry sense of humor. A working class man.

Scottish or Irish dialect ideal.

Vera Claythorne

Female, 20-30

A former governess who serves as a secretary to Mrs. Owen. Vera is intelligent and capable, but she also suffers from attacks of hysteria, feels guilty about her crime, and reacts nervously to the uncanny events on the island.

Philip Lombard

Male, 30-45

A mysterious, confident, and resourceful man who seems to have been a mercenary soldier in Africa. Lombard is far bolder and more cunning than most of the other characters, traits that allow him to survive.

Potential for upper-class British or cockney.

Anthony Marston

Male, 20-30

A rich, athletic, handsome youth. Tony Marston likes to drive recklessly and seems to lack a conscience.

William Henry Blore

Male, 40-60

A former police inspector. Blore is a well-built man whose experience often inspires others to look to him for advice. He acts boldly and frequently takes initiative, but he also makes frequent blunders. He constantly suspects the wrong person, and his boldness often verges on foolhardiness.

Ideally can do Australian and British dialects.

General Mackenzie

Male, 50-70

The oldest guest. Once the first murders takes place, Mackenzie, already guilt-ridden about his crime, becomes resigned to his death and sits by the sea waiting for it to come to him.

Emily Brent

Female, 35-50

A ruthlessly religious woman who reads her Bible every day. Unlike the other characters, Emily Brent feels convinced of her own righteousness.

Dr. Edward George Armstrong

Male, 30-50

A gullible, slightly timid doctor. Armstrong often draws the suspicion of the other guests because of his medical knowledge. He is a recovering alcoholic, while professionally successful, has a weak personality, making him the perfect tool for the murderer. He has spent his whole life pursuing respectability and public success, and is unable to see beneath people’s exteriors.

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Non-Equity, there is no pay.
Questions? Contact the director,
Michael Thomas-Visgar at

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