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We Must Do Better

The Morgan-Wixson Theatre is a space that welcomes all and encourages everyone to stand in the fullness of their power.


Our D.E.I. (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Committee is dedicated to ensuring a level playing field for every aspect of the theatrical experience: that the plays we produce, the talent we hire, the Board we support, and the membership we serve to reflect the broad scope of the human experience:


This means race and ethnicity.

This means gender expression and sexuality.

This means documentation and economic status.

This means physical and mental abilities.


Fueled by a love for all and a chronic search to be better than we are in this moment.


Theatre is a valuable tool to unwind and unplug. But it can also be a valuable weapon in the arsenal against ignorance and hate.


Through our Coffee Table Discussions, D.E.I has fostered important community discussions lead by esteemed panels of artists from Broadway, film, and television on topics ranging from color-conscious casting to code-switching to body image to gender expression.


You can check them out here at your leisure: Morgan-Wixson YouTube Channel


And we’re just getting started!


Know that we will continue to listen, to think, and to work. Stay tuned for our 2022 agenda and how you can get involved with making the Morgan-Wixson Theatre the best it can be.

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