Membership is the next level of involvement after being a volunteer (if you have not already signed up to be a volunteer go here first).

As a Member of the Morgan-Wixson Theatre, you get to have a voice in how the theatre is run and truly play a part in helping us keep this amazing place running.

There are two tiers of Membership: Participating and General. The benefits to both are the same:


  • One ticket to each of our mainstage shows during the calendar year.

  • The opportunity to vote for the Board of Directors at our annual Membership Meeting.

  • Invitation to the Annual Geoffrey Awards: our version of the Tony Awards where the past season’s actors are the celebrities. This December event includes the awards show and after-party.

  • The ability to vote on the final Geoffrey Ballot—provided you have seen all the shows.

  • Invitation to all member-related special events.

The difference between a Participating and General Membership is that General Members either do not have the time or are no longer interested in doing work around the theatre.

Here are the requirements for each Membership level:

Examples of Volunteer Events (there are plenty more):

  • Participate in a full theatre clean-up day or specific department clean-up day

  • Participate on a Committee (Play Reading, Marketing, Fundraising, Geoffrey Awards, Membership, 

  • Volunteers, Y.E.S., just to name a few)

  • Assist in set building, costume construction, prop construction, or light hang on a show

  • Usher once for every show (this counts as 1)

  • Serve as House Manager or Greeter on 3 shows (this counts as 1)

  • Produce or Co-Produce a show

  • Serve as a lighting technician, sound technician or backstage crew on a Mainstage or YES show

  • Do the laundry at the end of the run of a show (we’re not kidding!)

  • Serve on the Board of Directors

  • Bring your own special talent or skill to the Morgan-Wixson to help us grow and thrive throughout the year!

Please note that performing onstage in a show, or serving in a stipend paid position (directing, designing sets, costumes, lighting or stage manager), does not qualify as a volunteer event.

Participating in three volunteer events does not have to take a lot of your time and you have a full year to complete your participation requirements.

Time commitments vary with each task.

Some tasks are done onsite at the theater while others can be done individually in your own time.

You can choose your volunteer events as fits your schedule.  

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