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Membership 2023! 

The Morgan-Wixson offers two types of memberships. Both of these types receive the same benefits, the only difference is one membership requires participation, while the other one does not. 

Participating Members are expected to participate in activities and tasks created by the Membership Committee and accumulate Participating Points throughout the calendar year. Waivers will be granted for seniors and those with physical challenges.


Subscribing Members are those who wish to enjoy the shows and benefits of the Morgan-Wixson, but are not able, or do not want to participate behind the scenes.


Both Memberships receive these benefits:


  • receive five tickets to the season of MainStage shows, which may be used for any of the MainStage productions,

  • are allowed to see additional performances of each MainStage show provided seats are available,

  • receive a voucher, at each performance they attend which can be exchanged for one concession item, including a glass of wine or beer (if being served),

  • have advance opportunity to book their seats for each show,

  • are invited to Member activities and special events,

  • are invited to attend the Annual Geoffrey Awards, and provided they have seen all shows in the season, and vote on those awards,

  • are invited to all memberships meetings and activities,

  • get priority access to all auditions,

  • have the opportunity to vote for the Board of Directors at the Annual Membership Meeting,

  • receive a discount on any adult classes offered during the year,

  • receive one ticket to any show at Theatre Palisades,

  • are invited to Member Hang-outs on selected Saturday nights after the show,

  • may be eligible to enjoy member rentals for passion projects.

For those who wish to participate, examples of Volunteer Activities are (there are plenty more):

  • Participate in a full theatre clean-up day, show strike, or specific department clean-up day

  • Participate on a Committee (Play Reading, Marketing, Fundraising, Geoffrey Awards, Membership, Volunteers, Y.E.S., just to name a few)

  • Assist in set building, costume construction, prop construction, or light hang on a show

  • Serve as House Manager, Usher, or Greeter 

  • Produce or Co-Produce a show

  • Serve as a lighting technician, sound technician or backstage crew on a Mainstage or YES show

  • Take care of laundry or dry cleaning at the end of the run of a show 

  • Serve on the Board of Directors

  • Bring your own special talent or skill to the Morgan-Wixson to help us grow and thrive throughout the year!

Participating in just three volunteer events does not have to take a lot of your time and you have a full year to complete your participation requirements. Time commitments vary with each task.

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