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It's Only a Play
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Terrence McNally’s irreverent backstage farce “about the comedy of Broadway” is alternately raucous, ridiculous, and tender.


With his career on the line, Peter Austin anxiously waits for the opening night reviews of his Broadway play.

Alongside him are his novice producer, his highly erratic diva, his secretly disloyal best friend, his egomaniacal “genius” director, an infamously savage critic, and a fresh-off-the-bus actor.


Mr. McNally, a four-time Tony® winner, recently received a Special Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Theatre.

“It’s Only A Play” is easily the best theatrical bargain in town. It might also end up the funniest, best acted comedy of the season.

This critic for one thinks that the Morgan-Wixson has outdone itself in this superb production.

The laughs abound non-stop!

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January 18 - February 09


Runtime: ~2h 35m, including a 15-minute intermission.

Directed by Aric Martin

Produced by Kalila Horwitz

Assistant Nathan Perry

Costume Designer Kristie Matsson

Assistant Sophia Del Rey

Production Stage Manager Ashley DeFrancesco

Assistant Stage Manager Hailey Moskal

Set Design & Technical Director William Wilday

Sound Design Greg Rutledge

Sound Technician Max Turkanis

Light Technician Brian Greene

Written by Terrence McNally


Chris Aruffo

Michael Bernstein

David Callander

Joanna Churgin

Justin Heller

Kelly McReynolds

Kent Navarette

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Audience Talkbacks:

Sunday, January 26th & Friday, February 7th

Moderated by Jonathan Ramos

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