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AUDITIONS: Mothers and Sons

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Terrance McNally's Mothers and Sons is about a mother who pays a surprise visit to the New York apartment of her late son’s ex-partner, who is now married to another man and has a young son. This play is the aftermath of an attempt to rekindle what had previously been broken in the previous story Andre’s Mother also by Terrance McNally. This particular production will be centered in the black experience, inquiring how conversations of queerness and homophobia might change or expand when we diversify the characters' experiences.


Open auditions will be held on:

Wednesday, March 14, 2023 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Thursday, March 15, 2023, from 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Callbacks will be held on Saturday March 18th from 1pm-6pm
You will be notified by email if you are required for callbacks.


No appointment needed.

Actors only need to attend one day of initial auditions.

Non-equity only. Some pay for all actors.


All auditions, and any necessary callbacks, will be held at the Morgan-Wixson Theatre.


Street parking available.

Venice Family Clinic’s parking lot is available on weekends and on weekdays after 6 p.m. Do not park at our neighbors AAMCO/Viking Motors or SGI or you will be towed.


Please prepare a CONTEMPORARY (within the last 25 years) dramatic monologue, showing range and character.


Rehearsals: 4/4/23-5/11/23

Rehearsals are mostly* scheduled:

Mon-Thu evenings from 6pm-9p

Saturdays from 5pm-10pm,

*Other times/days may be added according to cast schedule and needs.


The show opens May 12 and runs through May 28,

Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00pm and Sundays at 2:00pm.

Please note that actors MUST be available for all performances.


Stipend: The Morgan-Wixson Theatre is a volunteer-run community theatre, and thanks the actors for their participation with a stipend of $100 for the run of the show.






BRING: Headshot & Resume, proof of vaccination (either your card or a picture), mask


What COVID safety measures to expect:

At this time, the Morgan-Wixson Theatre requires all cast and crew to be fully vaccinated to participate in shows. Audiences are required to wear masks while indoors.

You will be asked to remain masked at all times until you’re on stage alone for the audition.


Self-Tape Instructions

In-person auditions are highly recommended, but if you are not able to attend the in-person audition dates we welcome you to create a self-taped audition. 

ALL SELF TAPES must be received by 9pm Sunday March 12th. 

Callbacks must be in person.


Pick your sides at the link above.

Tape of your chosen sides and a full-body slate with your name, height, and location.

Upload your audition an unlisted youtube link (make sure anyone with the link can view)

Then fill out the audition form. There will be a place on the form to attach your link.


In reference to the character descriptions that follow—most characters we encounter currently are on the binary and are written with he/him or she/her pronouns and you will see that in the following descriptions. But however limiting the descriptions are, our casting seeks to be as inclusive as possible and we invite gender non-conforming, gender-fluid, transgender and non-binary actors to submit for the roles they most identify with.


We will also list race/ethnicity when specific to the character but are otherwise seeking all races and ethnicities.


In addition, we will list disability when specific to a character, but are otherwise seeking actors with disabilities as well as non-disabled actors for all roles.


Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or if there are any accommodations we can provide.




Katherine Gerard

African American/Black, 60’s-

conservative minded mother who has lost all the men in her life. A very strong and bold woman who is also humbled by her new found loneliness.


Cal Porter

Caucasian/White, 40’s

free-spirited and passionate, has a strong interest for advocacy in issues of diversity and equity. 


Will Ogden 

African American, or ethnically ambiguous, 30’s

creative writer, clean-cut and mature with a passion for advocacy for POC and queer persons.


Bud Ogden-Porter

African American or ethnically ambiguous, 6-10 yrs- curious, or inquisitive. 

He is young and innocent but has a kid's level of maturity. 

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