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New Works Festival FAQs


How many plays will be selected?

5-10, depending on the submissions of one-acts and full-length plays. The festival will run for 5 weekends this fall, and each show will get a Friday and Saturday night performance, whether it's a full-length play on its own or two one-acts that are programmed together.

What are the selection criteria & who is making the selections?

The New Works Committee, made up of Morgan-Wixson member-volunteers, will be reading and selecting the plays. We are looking for works from a diverse group of playwrights and subject matter, for up to 6 actors. Plays should be unpublished and previously unproduced, although other workshops and festivals are fine. The theatre's DEI goals will be honored in choosing a balanced selection.

Is this a reading or a production?

An elevated reading. Plays will have access to door frames, blocks, benches, and any hand props and costumes we already have in stock. All plays will share a rep light plot, and special effects such as projections and sound cues will not be allowed at this time. Actors may hold their scripts or not, at the discretion of the director. We want your words and story to be the focus.


What will rehearsals be like?

Each full-length play will have 1 week in our rehearsal hall and 4 nights to rehearse on the stage (Monday-Thursday) before your Friday and Saturday presentation. If two one-acts are chosen to perform together they will have to split this time between them.


Will playwrights/directors/actors be paid?

This inaugural festival will be operated on a volunteer basis - both on stage and behind the scenes. Tickets will be on a donation basis, as the goal is inclusivity both of new artist voices and audience members.

Will actors be masked? What COVID protocols are in place?

As this festival is scheduled for the Fall, we are hoping that everything can be "back to normal". However, we are paying close attention to health directives and things may change at a moment's notice. Currently, all directors and actors participating in this festival must be fully vaccinated. The plays will be presented un-masked.

I'm a writer. Can I direct my own play?

No, writers cannot direct their own play. However, if you would like to be considered to direct one of the other selections, please send an email to and we will let you know when we begin the director selection process.

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