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ROMEO & JULIET: Choose Your Own Ending

August 13 - August 28 (Preview August 12th)

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What if Romeo had stayed helplessly in love with Rosaline instead of Juliet? Or if Mercutio and Tybalt hadn't died...but had gotten together instead? In this Shakespearean take on the "Choose Your Own Ending" model, the audience casts votes throughout the performance to determine which course true love will take; ultimately deciding whether everybody lives or everybody dies. With eight dramatically different possible endings, this isn't the tale of star-crossed lovers that you read in high school. It’s an irreverent, madcap reimagining of Shakespeare's most beloved romance.

T.S. Barrios - Director
Melodie S. Rivers - Producer
Bouket Fingerhut - Stage Manager - Rehearsal
Rachel Aronoff    
Joel Castro - Fight Choreographer
Ariella Fiore - Intimacy Director
Aidan - Lighting Designer
Marlee Candell - Costume Designer
Hollister Starrett - Sound Designer
William Wilday - Technical Director
Branda Lock - Dramaturg
Melanie Anthony - MWT Resident Dramaturg


Kalond Irlanda as Romeo
Mirai as Juliet
Kirsten Hansen as Rosaline / Friar
Damian Luciano as Mercutio
Javon Willis as Benvolio
Garret Kinstler as Tybalt / Paris / Prince
Melodie S. Rivers as Lady Capulet
Ariella Fiore as Nurse / LordMont / Lady /     Friar John
Natalie Kahn as Nurse / LordMont / Lady /   Friar John

Audience Talkbacks:

Sunday Aug 14th, Friday August 19th

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