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Jeff and Hunter, two struggling writers, hear about a new musical theatre festival although the deadline for submissions is a mere three weeks away! With nothing to lose, the pair decides to enter a script but the big question is what to write about? Deciding to follow the old adage, “write what you know,” they set off on a unique musical adventure with their three friends: writing a musical about writing a musical! Frequently hilarious, occasionally heartbreaking and thoroughly inspiring, [title of show] is a love letter to musical theatre and to the joy of collaboration and creativity.

September 23 - October 15

Directed by Aric Martin
Choreographed by Lauren Blair

Music Directed by Daniel Koh
Produced by Larry Gesling

Book by Hunter Bell

Music & Lyrics by Jeff Bowen


Jeff – Daniel Koh
Hunter – Christopher Paul Tiernan II
Heidi – Alicia Luoma
Susan – Keaton Talmadge

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Sunday, October 01

Friday, October 06


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