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Boulevard of Bold Dreams

by LaDarrion Williams

BOULEVARD OF BOLD DREAMS by LaDarrion Williams takes place on the night of the 1940 Academy Awards in the bar of the storied Ambassador Hotel. Prior to that historic occasion, Hattie McDaniel interacts with two hotel employees. Their conversations and stories reveal the hopes and struggles that are the beating heart beneath a glamorous world dominated by racism and socio-economic inequity.

Playwright: LaDarrion Williams

Director: Ignoisco Miles

Hattie McDaniel: Jacquelin Lorraine Schofield

Dottie: Mildred Marie Langford

Arthur: Jon Chaffin

Young Hattie: Zoie Hicklin 


by M.J. Kang

The Korean-American host of a streaming talk show wants to interview a famous "Korean" star, but their research shows she is genetically white. The story deals with yellowface, cancel culture, and the inequities Asian Americans face, asking big questions: What really constitutes identity? Who decides where to draw the line on cultural and racial appropriation as a selfless or selfish act? What are the consequences of our actions for personal gain or a greater good? Pretender explores these questions through the multi generational lenses of the lives, challenges and successes of several Korean American women.

Playwright: M.J. Kang

Director: Mara Palma

Anita: Akiko Morrison

Casey: Amy Coles

Charlie/Tattoo Artist/Assistant: Grace Power

Soo-Jin: Francine Wong

Boulevard of Bold Dreams


All my exes walk into a bar

by Elke Thoms

A young woman’s exes gather in a bar to select her next romantic partner.

Playwright: Elke Thoms

Director: Regina Niles

Ben: Andrew Perkins

Jamie: Jeff Skomsky

Liam: Rajiv Sharma

Megan: Martha Thatcher

an evening repast

by Bushra Burney

A casual meet-the-new-married-couple dinner takes some very intense turns that also
refreshingly work themselves out in ways that are authentic to real friendships and
relationships. This is no small feat -- navigating truths about generations of historic conflict and the paths of contemporary love, friendship and artistic fulfilment in the sunny hills of Northern California. A ‘dinner party play’ that defies stereotypes about how close friendships can rupture over learning painful truths about each other. Mature, banter filled, l
ively friendships frame a lot of historical information that dispels myths about seeing South Asian people as a monolith.

Playwright: Bushra Burney

Director: Rippin Sindher

Laxmi: Renu Razdan

Rajiv: Gurinder Sindher

Saadia: Samina Engel

All My Exes Walk into a Bar
An Evening Repast


the addict's love letter
to his prayerbook

by Cris Eli Blak

A deep and prolonged journey to self awareness and faith on the really difficult path out of addiction as a young man, once a promising student and writer, tries to come to terms with his past and find reconciliation with what's left of his family. They know his presence can only trigger pain for everyone -- and yet somehow -- out of trauma and mistrust and under a constant, real cloud of uncertainty love and hope and recovery might prevail. Contemporary, dramatic, poetic, gritty, heartfelt.